The Highest-Grossing Mobile Games of All Time

Wherever you look, you’ll see people playing mobile games. And how wouldn’t they? Accessible, with advanced graphics, and cheap, they are a favourite pastime for all generations. Your grandma might enjoy Candy Crush and your sister some cool fashion games, while your father prefers casino sites like Amazon slots offer a huge variety of slot games, but what releases have set records and grossed more money than we can all imagine? 

Honour Of Kings/Arena Of Valor ($11+ Billion)

This multiplayer battle arena game quickly became a worldwide sensation, available exclusively on mobile. Despite being branded under different names for different markets, the basic principles of Arena of Valor are the same. You choose a character and its skills and level up through quests, battles, and tasks. More than 16 million users log in every month to experience a whole new escapade. 

Monster Strike ($9.6+ Billion)

Monster Strike is an adrenaline-packed Japanese role-playing physics game that combines multiple gaming genres. Some gaming fanatics describe it as a mix of Pokémon and Metal Walker, which sounds promising. Players must not only solve puzzles and riddles but also develop strategies and collaborate with others in order to level up. Available only for mobile phones, it is one of the games which users don’t hesitate to spend a couple of extra bucks on. 

Leprechaun Song (Estimate Not Available)

Irish slot machines, such as 9 Pots of Gold, have always been a mega-hit. After all, Leprechauns are traditionally perceived as mischiefs and bearers of good luck. Leprechaun Song by Pragmatic Play is a true casino classic that has brought good times to many players who enjoy spinning the reels. Available at all the best online casinos across the globe, Leprechaun Song regularly awards casino enthusiasts with substantial payouts. 

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Puzzle & Dragons ($8.2+ Billion)

This popular game, released in 2012, is a mix of all things that make mobile gaming fun. It has strategy, puzzles, and role-playing all under one roof. Plus, there are also dragons! Puzzle & Dragons is so successful that it spawned a whole franchise with video games and anime. It is available for iPhone, Android phones and Kindle Fire, unlike many others that focus only on the former two. 

Clash of Clans ($7.7+ Billion)

This free-to-play game has set standards for all similar games that involve decision-making and strategy. Essentially, you are a chief and decide when to build, when to attack, and how to defend your settlement. The main goal of the game is for you to make your own little community as advanced and safe as possible. Sounds a lot easier than it is! 

Pokémon Go ($7.2+ Billion) 

Since its release in 2016, Pokémon Go has taken collecting virtual creatures to a whole new level. The game started with 150 Pokémon, but in 2021, the number of magical creatures hit the 700 mark. In 2020, the game reached +160 million active users worldwide. It’s one of those games that came out of nowhere and delivered a brand new way to play games on mobile phones through Artificial Intelligence.