River City Saga: Three Kingdoms for PS4, PC launches July 21 in Japan

The PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) versions of side-scrolling beat ’em up game River City Saga: Three Kingdoms will launch on July 21 in Japan for 3,740 yen, following the Switch version’s release back in December 2021, publisher Arc System Works and developer APlus Games announced. The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will also be available physically on the same date.

The companies also announced that the four-player cooperative bonus mode “Record of Three Kingdoms Heroes: Red Cliffs Chapter” will receive a free update on July 21 that adds 12 new playable characters for a total of 24 characters, including Hua Xiong (Abobo), Zhang Jiao (Nishimura), Yuan Shu (Munakata), Yuan Shao (Todo), Le Jin (Mochizuki), Xu Huang (Kobayashi), Cao Ren (Onizuka), Zhang He (Kinoshita), and Yu Jin (Taira).

Watch a new trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.



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