New Gaming Shower

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -When gamers are in the thick of battle, taking down the big boss, or competing in an all-out Battle Royale, the last thing they want to do is put down the controller.

In fact, 1-in-5 gamers have admitted to skipping a shower so they don’t have to unplug.

Wait until you read this! There’s a shower, apparently, designed so users can get clean without having to take a break from playing video games. That’s right, a nice-smelling gaming shower.

The Irish Spring Gaming Shower, as it’s called, is basically a pod partially encased in plexiglass with a classic gamer’s chair. An overhead display allows users to continue gaming while going through a 20-30 minute cleaning cycle and a massage.

Located in Mexico City the installment isn’t available for public use rather Irish Spring gave followers an inside look through a Twitch livestream.

In celebration of National Sense of Smell Day, Irish Spring and FaZe Santana will reveal the final video going in-depth on the experience inside the Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower on April 29.

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