Xbox achievements not unlocking for some players

We are seeing a flurry of reports both in the TA forums and across the internet that Xbox achievements are not unlocking for some players.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re not seeing achievements pop on your Xbox, you’re not the only one. It appears there is an Xbox Network outage for some players, specifically when it comes to unlocking achievements.

Xbox achievements not unlocking for some players

From what we can tell, the outage began on April 28th. We’re currently unsure just how many people are affected by the issue, but we here in the office were not able to unlock any achievements last night or this morning (give me my Halo: The Master Chief Collection achievements, please).

Reports of achievements not unlocking have slowly started to fill the TA forums, and we’re also seeing similar reports across Reddit, Twitter, and in various Discords.

Xbox Support is yet to officially acknowledge the issue, and the Xbox Status page is showing that achievements and gamerscore are “up and running.” If you’re having trouble unlocking achievements, you can file a report with Xbox Support on the Xbox Status page. Hopefully, Microsoft will get things sorted soon.

Are you currently unable to unlock any achievements? Let us know down in the comments whereabouts in the world you’re located and what platform you’re playing on.

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