Zendure SuperBase M Series portable power stations

SuperBase M Series power station

Zendure has this week launched new portable power stations in the form of the SuperBase 1000M and 600M. Offering the smallest 1000Wh power station in the market, and approximately 62% Smaller, 43% lighter than similar brands. Thanks to its unique design the SuperBase M offers quiet operation and makes less than 30dB of sound under full load. Check out the video below to learn more about the new power stations that are now available to purchase priced at $1099 for the 1000M or $799 for the 600M.

Inputs & Outputs

DC:18-24V 120W Max/ Solar 18-24V input 160W Max Typy-C PD100W(in/out)Car Socket:12.6V/8A, 100.8W Max. DC Output USB-A*3: 5V/2.4A Typy-C PD100W (in/out) Car Sockert Port Output*1:12.6V/10A, 126W Max DC5521*2: 12.6V/6A (126W Max Total. AC Output SuperBase 1000M: 1000W (Rated Power) 1500W (Surge Power) : SuperBase 600M: 600W (Rated Power) 1000W (Surge Power)

SuperBase M Series Portable Power Station

“Sometimes, less is more. SuperBase M takes up less space and makes less noise than other comparable power stations. It’s also lightweight and easy to charge. Whether you’re upgrading your emergency prep kit or enjoying some time off the grid, SuperBase M is your anytime, anywhere power supply. SuperBase 1000M is 62% smaller than similar brands on the market.

When you hit the road, you’ll find that it’s very easy to carry and fits comfortably in the cabin of your car, so you have more space for the things you need. Weighing less than 18 pounds, SuperBase 1000M is our most portable SuperBase yet.”

“Most power stations have fans and other noisy parts that can generate over 60dB of noise. SuperBase M’s fanless design allows you to enjoy portable power without the noise. With this tiny dimension, you can easily put it in your armrest box or passenger seat, fully charged through a 12.6V/8A car port ≤ 10 hours.”

Source : Zendure

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