Streaming wars kick Friday’s SF Giants game off NBC Sports Bay Area

On Friday at 7:15 p.m., the San Francisco Giants will face off against the Washington Nationals at Oracle Park.

It’s their first meeting since their April 22 series, when the Nationals got annoyed at the Giants for playing hard for an entire nine innings. (The horror!) The Nationals aren’t very good — they’re just 6-15 — but there’s some baked-in animosity here that could make for an exciting game.

Except… you won’t be able to watch Friday’s game on NBC Sports Bay Area. Or ESPN. Or Fox. Or TBS.

Nope: Giants-Nationals will broadcast exclusively on Apple TV+. It’s part of a new deal between the streaming service and MLB called “Friday Night Baseball,” a weekly doubleheader that will inevitably knock every fan’s favorite team off their go-to local channel this season.

MLB is doing its best to tie a bow on this stinker of an arrangement, reassuring fans they can still catch the game for free… if they have an Apple ID and log into (which in the past has created its own problems). This gateway drug, they presumably hope, will convince you to fully subscribe to Apple TV+.

Luckily for Giants fans, this appears to be the only game on their 2022 schedule that’ll end up on Apple TV+. On Sunday, May 29, the Giants will also lose a local broadcast to Peacock. If you recall, last summer, the Giants got booted off NBC Sports Bay Area for a funky Peacock streaming service experiment.

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Clearly, Peacock liked the results of that experiment enough to sign a similar deal with MLB.