This Coca-Cola SCUF PS5 Controller Is ‘Real Magic’

SCUF has partnered with Coca-Cola Creations to launch a collection of co-branded gaming peripherals, including a Reflex Pro controller for the PS5. There’s also a Corsair H1 headset, mouse mat, and K65 gaming keyboard featuring the same unique designs.

The theme here is based on Coke Byte. A new drink from Coca-Cola that launched back around the end of April which is supposed to “taste like pixels.” It’s not clear exactly if that’s an accurate description of the taste. What is clear though is that Coca-Cola and SCUF are leaning into the whole pixels thing. SCUF says the peripherals are meant to “encapsulate the retro spirit and vintage feel of old-school gaming.”

To that end, each of the four accessories features a metallic purple hue. Along with a set of 3D wireframes and pixel patterns. Then finished off with a pixelated Coca-Cola logo. These peripherals are going to be releasing as a limited edition run. Which means there won’t be a ton of them to go around.

But then again that’s nothing new with regard to the SCUF Reflex Pro. The original version of which has already been hard to keep in stock and feels limited edition in its own right.

The Coca-Cola SCUF Reflex Pro controller for PS5 goes on sale today

SCUF Coca Cola Accessories

As mentioned above these are going to be available as a limited run set of products. SCUF is releasing all four starting today and they can only be purchased through SCUF’s website. Reflex Pro Byte limited edition starts at $249.99. Which is about $30 more than the standard Reflex Pro.

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The H1 headset meanwhile starts at $149.99, the K65 keyboard starts at $129.99, and the Corsair mouse pad starts at $59.99. SCUF says there will only be 500 of each product. And considering how quickly the normal versions of the controllers went out of stock, these are likely to go fast as well.

That is to say, if you’ve been wanting a Reflex Pro that doesn’t come from a scalper at two or three times the cost, consider grabbing this one. While these accessories don’t taste like pixels, they do pay tribute to those days of 8-bit and 16-bit game consoles.

SCUF Gaming Coca-Cola Byte Accessories