Best Amazon Prime Day PlayStation deals 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is confirmed for July, according to the retail giant’s quarterly report. No official date has been announced yet, however, we suspect it to occur in early July. 

Traditionally, Amazon Prime Day PlayStation deals offer competitive discounts, and this year, we expect more of the same. We’re tracking the best Prime Day PlayStation deals at Amazon and other retailers during Prime Day. We’ll also be sharing Prime Day worthy deals within the weeks leading up to the big day which is when the deals begin sprinkling in. 

Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be here before we know it with incredible PS4 and PS5 deals. Gamers on a budget will want to see what Prime Day PlayStation deals have to offer. 

Although the PS5 is Sony’s flagship console, the PS4 is no slouch. With its excellent exclusive titles, tons of entertainment features, and VR support, it’s still one of the best gaming systems to buy. 

Amazon’s exclusive Prime Day deals are for Prime membership holders only. However, if you’re not a Prime member, Amazon offers a free 30-day Prime membership trial as an incentive to join. You can cancel before your trial ends to avoid being charged $139 for a year of Prime.

Will the PS5 restock for Prime Day?

Let’s be real, the PS5 is going to be extremely difficult, if impossible, to purchase on Prime Day. We don’t know of any sales on the PS5 yet, so there’s a chance the console never goes up for sale during the two-day shopping event.

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But how about some optimism, right? We could see Amazon post a surprise PS5 sale ahead of Prime Day 2022 for Prime customers. Again, we’re only speculating that this is a possibility — no concrete info has been released yet. 

Should the PS5 or PS5 Digital go on sale this Prime Day, use the links below to be the first to snag one. Good luck and game on!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

According the Amazon’s April quarterly report, Prime Day 2022 is expected to occur in July. The specifics of the actual start date remains unknown. 

Prime Day typically occurs during the second or third week of July to coincide with Amazon’s July 5 founding date. However, there have been a few exceptions to the rule. 

In 2020, Prime Day was pushed back to October 13-14 due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The following year, Prime Day 2021 took place on June 21 and June 22 to kick off the summer. Although Prime Day 2022’s date remains a mystery at this time, it will arrive before we know it. 

We’ll be tracking the best Prime Day 2022 deals of the summer during the weeks leading up to Amazon’s big sale. Until then, here are the best Prime Day-worthy PlayStation deals you can get right now.

Prime Day PlayStation deals