Water Meters & Hi-tech Gadgets Cut Down Losses In Yeola | Nashik News

Nashik: The villages benefiting from the regional water scheme are adopting technology to help cut down on water and recovery losses. This has been the reason for the 13-year successful run of the scheme in the parched Yeola taluka.
The support from the villagers to pay water cess has been a key factor in the success. Saygaon village, with 3,100 residents and 165 water connections, has installed electronic prepaid water meters.
“Eight months ago, we installed electronic prepaid meters and individual meter cards can be recharged from the gram panchayat office. So, citizens get water for which they have already paid,” said former sarpanch Anita Khairnar said.
The village has constructed pipeline to ensure there is no illegal tapping of water. Eight months back, the village would consume 7 lakh litres of water per week. That consumption has dropped to less than 5 lakh litre per week.
“The tapped water was always a dream for us. Standing in the scorching heat without shelter for hours was the only solution to get drinking water. All members of the family had to be present to ensure maximum availability of water. Now it is thing of past. We have running water,” 65-year-old Kesharbai Kuldhar said.
The tiny village of Nandesar also ensures that the dues of water supply are paid. “Ever since we started receiving water through the scheme, we have never missed on our payment in last 13 years. The key is that we collected Rs 1,000 as deposit for each of 100 connection and used that to expand network,” said Subhash Wagh, the sarpanch of Nandesar, that has not had election for the past 15 years.
The 54-member panel is also taking measures to bring down the expenses incurred in pumping water, purification supply to the villages.
The system pumps up about 4.5 million-litre of water per day, purifies it and provides water to the beneficiaries. “We now have 268 kv solar power plant being set up at the cost of Rs 1.64 crore. This will be connected to the grid under the net-metering system and will help in cutting down the power consumption,” Sachin Kalamkar, the president of the panel, said.
District guardian minster Chhagan Bhujbal said the villagers are the ‘real architects’ of the successful scheme. “The scheme is expanding and hence it needs some retrofitting. A proposal of Rs 9.50 crore has been presented to chief engineer MJP for technical sanction,” Bhujbal said.
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