Fortnite returns to iPhone with Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming; Check details here

Popular battle royale game Fortnite has returned to iOS after a year-long ban. Back in 2020, Fortnite was available on iOS through the Apple App Store. However, Epic Games tried to implement a payment method that surpassed the Apple App Store, resulting in getting banned. Since then, iPhone users have not been able to download or play the game via App Store. Earlier this year, Nvidia brought back the game for GeForce Now subscribers. Now, Microsoft is partnering with Epic Games to release the game through Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

The Verge’s Tom Warren notes in his tweet that this is the first time that Microsoft has included a free-to-play game on xCloud. It is important to mention here that Xbox Cloud Gaming itself is not available on the Apple App Store. However, users can access the cloud gaming service via the Safari web browser on iPhones and iPads. Over the past few years, Microsoft has made a lot of improvements in the quality of the service and hence, players should be able to enjoy the Fortnite experience on their devices. Those who wish to play Fortnite on iPhone or iPad can head over to the official Xbox Cloud Gaming website.

Requirements to play Fortnite on iPhone/iPad

To play Fortnite on an iPhone or iPad, all users need is an internet connection and a Microsoft account. The game will also be available for Android and Windows devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming. With this, players can not only enjoy the game on their iPhones or iPads, but they can also stream the game via Valve’s Steam Deck. Additionally, Microsoft has also mentioned that it will be adding more free-to-play games to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Announcing this, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games mentioned that “no subscription required, no 30% Apple Tax,” hinting at Apple App Store’s tax that has to be paid by customers.   

Fortnite is also available on Nvidia GeForce Now

Earlier this year, Epic Games also entered into a partnership with Nvidia, bringing Fortnite to Nvidia GeForce Now, yet another cloud gaming platform that streams games on users’ devices with the help of an internet connection. Those who wish to play Fortnite on iOS devices can head over to the GeForce Now website and register for free. Thereafter, they have to join the waitlist where they might get a chance to try the new touch-controlled version of Fortnite. 

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