Lost Ark Devs Confirm May Update Contents

Lost Ark’s content plans for April were set in stone before that month’s update arrived, but the plans for May were a bit less certain. Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games expressed concerns that players might not be at a level where they could comfortably receive the next phase of endgame content without players feeling as though they were pressured to quicken their pace or spend real money, and if that proved to be the case, the game’s creators said they’d delay some content. In the preview for May’s update, however, Amazon said it and Smilegate are confident enough to release all the content originally planned for May.

Two parts of the May update – Valtan’s Legion Raid and the Deskaluda Guardian Raid – were on the chopping block for this month’s update. Players require a gear score of at least 1415 to start working on both of those raids, Amazon said, with a gear score of 1445 required if you want to tackle the hard version of Valtan’s Legion Raid. That’s understandably a daunting number for those who may not have been playing since the start of Lost Ark, but for those who’ve been coming up against the endgame wall for a while now and have gear scores at or around those levels, Amazon said it and Smilegate “have decided this is the right time for these activities.”

“It is never our goal for players to feel they need to pay to progress, and players who haven’t reached the item levels required to participate shouldn’t feel pressured— continue to enjoy the journey of exploration and challenging yourself at your own pace,” the post about the plans for Lost Ark’s May update said. “For newer players eager to hit the high levels required to participate in end-game activities, we hope that the Express Event Missions and extension of the Guardian Raid Event to May 19 will help you progress while still teaching the vast variety of mechanics and game modes in Lost Ark.”

This’ll be the first Legion Raid the Western version of the game has gotten, and with it will come the new “Relic” gear rarity acquired from completing the challenge. The Deskaluda battle is another Guardian Raid like the ones already in the game, though those aren’t to be confused with the Abyss Raids which are a different feature.

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Those two raids and the new advanced class, the Destroyer, make up the core components of this month’s update, but there’s more to be read through here for those who want to see a full preview of what’s planned.