Sports World Reacts To The Viral “Patrick Mahomes” Video

Martin Brundle had quite the slip-up on Sunday during Miami’s GP race. 

Brundle was interviewing former Duke basketball star Paolo Banchero but thought it was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes the entire time. 

He even had to ask what Banchero’s name was towards the end of the interview and then apologized after getting it wrong.

The two do look alike, but one is also a lot taller than the other. That should’ve been Brundle’s key to knowing that he wasn’t talking to Mahomes. 

The Miami Grand Prix got underway on Sunday as it’s the latest stop during the Formula 1 season.

The sports world couldn’t help but laugh at this mistake.

This is certainly a moment that Brundle won’t ever live down, that’s for sure. 

Banchero is gearing up for the NBA Draft this summer, while Mahomes is working out during the NFL offseason.

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