Gaming: Large corporate deals see more games changing hands | Entertainment

Just when you thought the buying of game developers was over we have another big deal.

Square Enix just sold the rights to many huge titles for a total of $300 million to Embracer. Some of the titles included in this deal are the Tomb Raider franchise, Deus Ex, Thief and Legacy of Kain.

The studios behind those titles, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos, are part of the deal.

The Embracer group is formerly THQ Nordic.

Square Enix’s President stated the sale will provide a cash infusion for investing into blockchain games. Many gamers have already voiced their opposition to blockchain and NFT projects in gaming.

The NFT space offers gamers nothing tangible or of value and is just another revenue stream for gaming companies that are already making millions from micro transactions, downloadable and other gaming content that used to be included when buying a game.

The one highlight for the sale is hopefully gamers will see the Legacy of Kain titles making a comeback.

These games were classic action and puzzle solving titles on the PS1, PS2 and PC systems. Why Sony or Microsoft didn’t buy up these titles is a good question considering all the purchases they’ve made.

Square Enix will still publish the Just Cause, Life is Strange and Outriders titles.


Evan savvy gamers can be victims of scams.

Some of the latest scams usually involve an alert on your phone, PC screen or email client, claiming to be from your telephone company, Amazon, Microsoft and more. The Amazon one usually says there was a purchase that was flagged as suspicious. They give you a phone number to call to verify that you didn’t make this purchase. Once you call the number, there is a scammer on the other end who is asking you questions to obtain information and credit card numbers.

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The refund scam is another well designed scam. A well-known company will claim its “owes you a refund.” This scam will have the person log in to their bank account so the person on the other end can edit the bank balance page. Your computer screen will turn black while the person on the other end will edit your bank balance. Your account will look like you received a huge amount from them.

If you just refresh the page or log into your bank account you’ll see that nothing has changed. The person on the phone will make you feel guilty and tell you, he will lose his job unless you buy him some gift cards, etc.

If you get any of these texts, emails, or screen notifications don’t click on them.

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