Reported Xbox Series X Exclusive RPG Reveals New Details in Job Listing

New details related to an upcoming RPG that will be exclusive to Xbox Series X have been unveiled in a recent job listing. Late last year, we first started to hear reports about a new game from developer Stoic Studio that was being referred to as Project Belfry. Information on this game was sparse, but given that it was coming from the company behind The Banner Saga trilogy, hopes were high for what it could bring. Now, after a prolonged period of silence, it looks like we now know a bit more about what this Xbox title will have in store. 

As seen in a new job listing at Stoic Studio for the role of a systems designer, some new bits of information related to this unannounced Xbox Series X exclusive were teased. Specifically, this role described the project in question as one that would be in the action RPG genre and would feature various weapons and other gear to obtain. A loot system was also mentioned in addition to enemy types that are said to scale. Other descriptions of this Xbox game were sparse, but it definitely sounds like Stoic is making something that could strike a chord with many fans. 

Likely the biggest question surrounding Project Belfry involves its actual announcement. As mentioned, Stoic and Xbox haven’t revealed this game in any capacity just yet, which means that those in the general public aren’t even supposed to know that such a game is in the works. That being said, this silence surrounding the project could end up coming to an end soon. Xbox has already announced that it will be holding a showcase next month on June 12th where it will announce a number of future games for Xbox Series X and PC. As such, when that event ends up happening, perhaps we’ll finally see Project Belfry unveiled to the world with a debut trailer. 

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What are your thoughts on Project Belfry so far based on the limited details that we do have? And when do you think that this game might be officially unveiled to the public? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.