Xbox Live Outage Down Services Fix Resolve Issue Game Launch Cloud Gaming Purchase Netflix Disney Plus Call Of Duty Warzone

Xbox Live, or the Xbox network, faced a prolonged outage over the weekend, causing users to face issues in making purchases, launching digital games, starting Cloud Gaming sessions, and even running streaming apps such as Netflix and Disney+. Some users also reportedly faced issues while trying to play games offline. The Microsoft-owned service took to Twitter on May 8 to announce that all issues have been resolved fully. As per reports, the issues started showing up first on Saturday night and were eventually resolved on Sunday.

On May 7 at 12:20am IST, Xbox Support tweeted that it was investigating an issue where some users “may be unable” to launch games on Xbox consoles and via Cloud Gaming.

Within hours, the support team flagged that users were unable to purchase games and access media streaming apps as well.

On May 8, at 11am IST, the team tweeted that users should no longer “be seeing issues when it comes to purchases, launching games, or joining Cloud Gaming sessions.

Later on, Xbox Support also confirmed that users still some further issues were resolved. These include fixing issues with Call of Duty Warzone launch and Cloud Gaming sessions for users in Europe.

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While the company hasn’t offered any details on why Xbox Live services were down for players, a report by The Verge suggested that it was Microsoft’s DRM policy that caused users to face troubles in launching digital games that they purchased online.