Creative minds: Slum children develop gadgets from scrap in Prayagraj

Children of city’s slum dwellers showcased their creativity by developing electrical home appliances and other gadgets from scrap.

Under the guidance of a teacher, they have developed cooler, table fan, solar lights, vacuum cleaner and a cow dung gas plant too.

Aged 12 to 15 years, these talented children were guided by Vivek Dubey, a postgraduate in mathematics from Allahabad University (AU), who has been imparting these skills to them for the last seven years.

Vivek said he decided to teach these children to help them become self-reliant.

“I started teaching these children under the old Yamuna bridge seven years back and today those who have been trained are now training other slum children,” he said.

Two of his students, Priti and Roshni, are now studying at AU, he added.

Under his guidance, about 14 children in the 12 to 15 years age group, who were studying science and mathematics from Vivek started collecting scrap and Vivek guided them how to create gadgets out of them.

“I used an old canister to develop a cooler and used plastic bottles for making the fan. A small motor is used for watering the cooler,” shared Sahil, who lives in the slums. Sahil’s creation now helps his classmates beat the heat during their learning sessions.

Another talented child Vidya has developed a cutter that chops several chilies instantly while

Sagar used plastic bottles for making a table fan while Shalini made a vacuum cleaner. Not to be left behind, Vishal developed a cow dung gas plant while Sumit has developed a solar light. Another talented child, Komal has developed a periscope while her friend Muskan has developed a model to understand “atmospheric change.”

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Vivek said practical education is essential for children. “These children who study in classes 6 to 8, collected scrap and developed gadgets as per their interest. They have good knowledge about their functioning. Such training along with theoretical education will help these children build a better future for them,” he added.