Walmart, Best Buy, and Target are your best bet for PS5 restocks this week

PS5 restock opportunities have slowed in recent weeks after a flurry of activity at the start of the year. Things are a little tough right now – we didn’t see any retailers offering more PS5 stock last week, for example. The big guns look ready to fire, though. Walmart, Best Buy, and Target are all well overdue a PS5 restock and now that we’re past the first week of the month, things could get heated. 

Walmart‘s last round of PS5 restocks took place in mid-April, and considering we usually see one drop per month here, we’d recommend starting your engines. Of course, any stock that does appear will be reserved for Walmart Plus members. The good news is we’ll receive fair warning of any developments at Walmart. Unlike other retailers, this store regularly advertises its PS5 restocks days in advance. Keep your eyes peeled on those product pages for more information, then.

Best Buy last sold the PS5 on April 21, two weeks ago. That means we’d recommend watching for movement here on Thursday and Friday, at any time between 10am ET and 5pm ET. While Best Buy typically offers online PS5 restocks once a month, we are seeing more and more in-store drops here, so it’s well worth checking in with your local retailer. Be sure to check for in-store stock using the Best Buy app, as there may be cancelled orders ready to grab. 

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Target is also a hot-watch this week. That’s because a change to the way the retailer handles its online PS5 restocks means stores can list any inventory they have as soon as it hits the shelves. Target’s previous PS5 restock schedule is about to change, then, and we’d recommend checking in with your local store regularly. 

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