How to block spam calls on iPhone

How to block spam calls on iPhone

The situation of spam calls is getting out of control, and it’s getting even worse to avoid these calls. Earlier, spam calls were marked as “unknown number”, or it was relatively easier to figure out if it was some marketing call or a genuine one. But recently, the spammers have figured out a way to spoof the spam filters by using the numbers which look a lot like your friend’s number.

So if you are tired of these spam calls, then here’s how you can block the spam calls on your iPhone.

There are a few apps, including TrueCaller, that you can use to block spam calls on your iPhone. But, iOS has an in-build spam call filtering to block incoming calls from spammers or scammers.

Here’s how to block spam numbers on an iPhone.


Open the Phone app on your iPhone.


Tap Recents, and then press the ‘i’ button next to the number.


Now, scroll down and select Block this Caller to block the number.

You won’t be receiving any notifications for the calls for the number you have blocked. And if you want you can review the blocked numbers and unblock a number to receive calls from it again.

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Follow the steps below to unblock a number on your iPhone.


Open the Settings app on iPhone.


Select Blocked Contacts, and tap the Edit button on the top right corner.


Lastly, press the ‘-’ icon near the number to unblock it.