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Football Strength & Conditioning:

Football Strength and Conditioning is committed to establishing an empowering culture which includes a competitive/challenging environment, holistic development, and safe scientific based training protocols. These ideals adhere to The Golden Standard set by our Head Football Coach and are engrained within our culture to assist the student-athletes in maximizing their full potential, both on and off of the field. Our program encapsulates the necessary mental fortitude that will elevate our student-athletes ability to adapt and overcome difficult situations, ultimately preparing them for life outside of sport. 

Through periodized progressive overload, implemented in our sport specific training protocol, our strength staff provides the best motivational and “hands on” strength and conditioning program in the country. We monitor our athletes’ mental and physical well-being to ensure proper training and recovery protocols are administered, to promote the positive enhancement of performance for each student-athlete. Our goal is to mitigate injuries and keep our athletes on the field healthy and in top physical and mental condition, to give them the edge they need to be successful. 


Sports Psychology:

“The Sport Psychology program provides comprehensive psychological services to the Notre Dame athletic community. Through the provision of clinical and performance enhancement services, we strive to promote a culture of inclusion, well-being, and excellence both in and out of sport. The embedded nature of our positions allows us to be responsive to the ever-evolving needs of student-athletes, coaches, teams, and the athletic department itself. We are committed to providing targeted and dynamic interventions across all levels of the department to further its mission of holistic development and athletic achievement.”

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Sports Nutrition:

The Notre Dame Sports Nutrition Department is dedicated to providing individualized, quality, evidence-based care to all student-athletes to support optimal health and performance not just during their time at Notre Dame, but throughout life.  As sport dietitians, we aim to optimize performance through nutrition in a multifaceted approach with coaches, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and sports psychology. Housed in our core value of “Food First,” we follow a sport-specific approach, committed to: 

  • increasing overall nutrient intake
  • reducing risk of injury and re-injury
  • enhancing recovery
  • promoting mindfulness and body acceptance 
  • education through team talks, cooking demos, grocery tours, etc. 


Olympic Strength & Conditioning:

The overarching goal of the strength and conditioning department is to empower young women and men to compete like champions. This is achieved by developing, organizing, and administering training interventions underpinned by scientific insight, empirical observation, and needs analysis specific to sport while tailored to each athlete’s individual needs. This student-athlete centered, coach driven, model encourages a holistic approach to training through collaboration with sports medicine, nutrition, and psychology. Our foundation of training begins by establishing key performance indicators (KPI) and addressing risk factors to create resilient athletes. Through the longitudinal assessment of KPIs, we are able to monitor progress of each student-athlete against established norms and set goals to achieve peak performance. 


Sports Medicine:

The Sports Medicine staff’s ultimate goal is proving the very best healthcare for the 800+ student-athletes representing the Fighting Irish.  Our staff of 18 full-time Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists provide initial evaluation and triage of injuries and illnesses while directing rehabilitation, reconditioning and recovery from all healthcare conditions.  Under the direction of Team Physicians our skilled professionals provide holistic care through communicating concerns and on-going planning with Primary Care Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons/Consultants, Strength & Conditioning, Dieticians, advising with Sport Psychologists and a close network of other medical/healthcare professionals.  Our comprehensive healthcare focuses on fostering an inclusive and diverse environment with caring for the individual along with the injury/illness. 

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The Sports Medicine staff…

  • is committed to providing the best quality care to student-athletes both physically and mentally at the University of Notre Dame. 
  • provides quality prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletics injuries to every student-athlete to meet their individual needs. 
  • is committed to optimizing student-athletes performance by
    • Enhancing the nutritional education program and assisting student athletes with any nutritional needs.
    • Promoting the importance of “food as fuel.”
    • Fueling athletes to compete at the highest performance levels.
  • is committed to fostering the mental health, overall well-being, and personal development of all Notre Dame student-athletes.
  • assists student-athletes in addressing the difficulties they encounter, empowering them to make the most of the opportunities available to them at Notre Dame.
  • is committed to establishing a culture, grounded in our core values, that promotes the holistic development of our student-athletes. To ensure this development, we strive to collaborate with all departments and industry leading professionals to provide our student-athletes with the most innovative and up-to-date training methods. Our objective is that all coaches and athletes acquire an insatiable desire to pursue mastery.