Innovation in action: How Versa leverages innovation

The statement “innovation in action” is used to describe one of the pillars of our organization. Versa Integrity Group operates on six core pillars: people, safety, quality, customer satisfaction, value-driven performance and innovation.

Why six pillars and not four or eight? The answer is simple: Six pillars planted firmly on a bedrock of integrity is an innovative way to support a company striving to be world-class. Innovation permeates everything we do and it is so much more than the latest NDE gadget or technology.

Innovation understands that our people are the most valued asset we have. Our people generate all of our innovative ideas and strategies. As COO, I have the privilege of working for nearly 1,000 of the industry’s best people. My biggest challenge is determining which great, innovative idea to implement first. Innovation knows that we are not just an NDE company, an inspection company, a mechanical integrity company or a data acquisition company — we are a safety-driven company that encompasses all of those things. Whether it’s the amusement park industry, petrochemical industry or power generation industry, we are helping industry be as safe and compliant as possible. We love the power of American energy, and we want everyone to depend on that energy safely. Our competition is not the company down the street. Our competition is every damage mechanism threatening the safe operation of any of our client’s assets. Innovation is swinging the quality pendulum toward world-class and holding it there. Our employees are crucial to us, very well trained and maintain a high-quality standard. We want everyone to wear the Versa shield, but we only want the best wearing it.

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We are continually improving ways to offer information to clients backed by the latest technologies. Innovation keeps our customers satisfied by providing accurate, high-quality and easy-to-interpret data that can be used to make critical decisions. Upon the completion of each job, our customers receive useful data that may be utilized for their businesses.

The last pillar to express innovation is our value-driven performance pillar. This is where innovation is not only fun, but endless. It’s where we allow “iron to sharpen iron” and where we are the best version of ourselves. This is where we hire former and active military aviators to lead our Unmanned Service Division. It is where we design and manufacture our eddy current probes to provide cutting-edge service on one of the most critical assets in every downstream, midstream and chemical manufacturing plant. It’s where we use proprietary positive material identification (PMI) workflows to make sure that the critical plates in industrial lithium batteries are the correct metallurgy. It’s where we invest six figures in a test loop that aids in developing industry-leading flange face inspection techniques. That same test loop allows us to field-prove those gadgets and NDE technologies so they will work great during “demos.” Our test loop also trains and challenges the best of the best people, who we are so proud of. Innovation is also building a culture where you can’t tell the difference between an HR generalist, a quality representative, a financial analyst or an operations supervisor during a meeting because they are all operating under the same objective.

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Most importantly, innovation is how we combat the only constant we face in this industry: change. The industry and markets are continuously challenged and ever- changing. Using innovation in everything we do allows us to navigate those changes and challenges subtly.

In the next couple of years, Versa aims to have a fully digitized workforce. We are converting many of our manual processes to be automated and creating dependable workflows that consistently deliver reliable data to our customers.

Between Versa’s innovative test loop, Unmanned Service team, and our continually updating processes, we believe that 2022 will deliver innovations that will positively impact our clients and the inspection industry for years to come.

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