Cops nab hi-tech gamblers using gadgets to cheat- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Digital playing cards from China, receivers from Bengaluru, lenses and goggles from Delhi — gamblers are leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the game of chance. Tukaram Gate police, who first apprehended four persons playing cards in a cafe, found that they were using these gadgets to cheat. 

With no availability of such gadgets in the city, the gamblers procured these ‘weapons in their arsenal’ from their suppliers who got them from other States. Earlier, Tukaram Gate police had arrested Syed Imtiaz, Dhoti Ramesh, Orse Yadagiri and Anna Kumar for playing cards in a cafe in East Marredpally.  During their investigation, the police found a mobile phone with a receiver. Curious, they questioned the quartet who spilled the beans.

CI Yellappa said: “Initially, when we arrested them, it appeared like a simple case of four small-time gamblers trying their luck. However, on digging deeper, we came across some startling facts. The quartet confessed that they use digital playing cards which give them a hint of the next card in the deck. They plug in a receiver in their ear which is not visible to others and another receiver is attached to a phone.

Similarly, they were also using lenses which read the cards and advised them to discard a card or to pick the next one.” Armed with the confession, North Zone police apprehended the four suppliers of these gadgets, namely Asif Khan, Melwyn, Afroz Khan and Arshad. Three others connected with the case are absconding.

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