Siblings replace 4 lakh cash from home with fake notes

Hyderabad: Two siblings, aged 8 and 9, took away about Rs 4 lakh in cash from their almirah over the course of a month and handed it to their teenaged minor neighbours, police said on Saturday. The teenagers who are in Class 9 spent the money to buy gadgets, movie tickets and to party. The Jeedimetla police have booked a case.

Police said the children replaced the money in their almirah with fake ‘Children’s Bank’ notes


About a month ago, the two boys saw their father, Shiva Shanker, an employee in a pharma company, keep the money inside the almirah and allegedly shared the news with their neighbours, aged 13 and 14.

“Persuaded by the teenagers, the siblings started stealing stashes of currency notes and started spending with them with fake notes. In the course of a month, the teens spent Rs 4 lakh for buying watches, mobiles, food, gadgets and paid for movie tickets and online games,” said Jeedimetla inspector K. Balraj.

“After checking the money and finding the fake notes, the parents questioned their kids who spilled the beans,” the inspector said, adding that following a complaint from the parents a case was booked and that the cops are yet to start the recovery process.


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