STEPVR launches world’s first Metaverse Gate

STEPVR Metaverse Gate

Providing competition to Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, STEPVR has launched the world’s very first Metaverse Gate aptly named Gates01. This product is similar to the “Oasis” in the movie Ready Player One. The omnidirectional motion system and the technical equipment that restores five senses allow users to enter the virtual world for sports, entertainment, education, and work.

STEPVR Metaverse Gate

“Being the world’s first company to achieve MMO games in the VR world, STEPVR has surpassed companies such as Meta and taken the lead in launching software and hardware systems that enter the metaverse. The commercial version of VR Gates released by STEPVR is named Gates01. The product covers an area of approximately 3m2. The deck is a self-developed omnidirectional motion system where users can run freely and achieve running and instant stopping movements. In addition, Gates01 can also restore the sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and vestibular balance in the virtual world, allowing users to experience the real and immersive virtual world in a small and convenient space.”

“The launch of Gates01 is considered as a product of STEPVR’s continuous iteration from an ultra-space VR esports venue to a small and convenient space, and it is also the company’s attempt to enter the consumer market. According to reports, the company will simultaneously launch Gates01 in Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Middle East, North America, and Europe in October, and will launch products for individuals and families in the first half of 2023. The product size will be reduced by 50% and the weight will be lighter to fit into venues such as home, gym and offices for personal use.”

“Nevertheless, STEPVR’s Gates01 is generally different from products of Meta, such as Oculus Quest. Dr. Guo, who is the CEO of STEPVR, holds the view that VR headsets may cause motion sickness for users and provide an unreal experience due to its inability to restore the sense of vestibular, which is critical to help users maintain balance in the movement. The current market for VR headsets has been growing rapidly because companies are heavily subsidizing their users to encourage product sales. However, Dr. Guo views it as an unreasonable behavior because the sellers are unable to identify the real demands of the consumers for their products.”

Source : STEPVR

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