Hot Mic with Dom Izzo: Solutions to North Dakota’s broken spring sports season – InForum

Three years ago in this segment I joked that the first outdoor track meet would be the state meet.

This year, we weren’t that far off. Sheyenne told me they had four total outdoor meets before State.

Instead of complaining about the shortened season, I have some solutions:

Move the start of the spring season back. There’s no reason any spring sports should begin in March. April 15 would be a great starting date, and give those sports two months to play their seasons. Legion baseball would need to get on board, but I think most players would want to play with their high school teams until the season ends.

Expand tournament weekend. I’ve railed on this, but there are no sports that share title weekends in the fall and winter. Yet in the spring, six sports have to share the spotlight. Why not spread it out and have two a weekend? Start with Tennis and soccer, then Class A baseball and softball and then Class B baseball and softball. Let’s have the spring sports be celebrated!

Status quo in mind shouldn’t be an option. Just because we’ve done this way and we had one bad April with weather isn’t good enough.

Spring sports athletes deserve full seasons just like the fall and winter athletes get.

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