Mac users may not be able to use this popular version of Twitter

Twitter has some bad news for TweetDeck fans. The social media platform has decided to shut down this service for the macOS platform from July 1. The company announced its decision to close this important tool for Mac users by posting a tweet through its TweetDeck account. However, Twitter has mentioned that users who are interested in using the service should switch to the web version. TweetDeck has been a handy tool for Pro Twitter users, especially for the ones who are in the space of digital journalism. This tool allows users to arrange multiple views side-by-side to stay up-to-date with all topics of interest. Most regular users don’t need this service and many aren’t even aware of the existence of TweetDeck. Meanwhile, this app is crucial for active users as it makes their digital lives much easier compared to using regular Twitter during time-sensitive events.
What is TweetDeck Preview?
TweetDeck Preview is a new version of TweetDeck on which Twitter has been working and it is restricted to a limited number of users. According to XDA Developers, once the Preview version is ready for the public, the company might shut down the classic web version. Several users who are a fan of the original TweetDeck tool seemed to dislike the Preview version as they thought that the user interface wasn’t good enough, mentions the report.
Twitter may plan to merge TweetDeck with Twitter Blue
The report also suggests that Twitter might be silently working towards monetising the web version of TweetDeck. TweetDeck web users will either have to completely ditch the feature or start paying for the same if the company decides to merge it with Twitter Blue subscriptions. As per the report, the paywall is likely to go live once the Preview version launches for all users. TweetDeck Preview is still in its beta phase and Twitter needs to perfect the tool before releasing it to the masses.
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