Gridiron to Golf: Belichick Tracks Former Patriots Second Sports Career

FOXBORO — The New England Patriots under Bill Belichick have had a long history of shifty running backs that showed their best in the passing game. One of the most memorable names has been, of course, Danny Woodhead.

After a successful career in the NFL, Woodhead has turned towards a potential professional career in golf. In fact, the former Patriots star is continuing to make a legitimate push towards qualifying for the PGA Tour’s U.S. Open. The tournament will be held later this month on The Country Club golf course in Brookline, Massachusetts.

When starting with an opener about the Boston Celtics in a press conference Tuesday, New England head coach Bill Belichick had nothing but adulation for the Celtics’ run — and for Woodhead’s.

Said the coach:

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Morning. Another great series for the Celtics, so congratulations to the team, the staff, the organization. Great accomplishment, looking forward to seeing that play out. Also keeping track of Danny [Woodhead]. One more step to get to the U.S. Open, so, pulling for him.

Woodhead responded on Twitter with some wit and sarcasm.

Woodhead was signed by the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent following the 2008 NFL Draft. After a tumultuous year, he joined the Patriots in the midst of the 2010 season.

In just his three seasons with New England, Woodhead became a fan favorite. His inaugural year for the team in 2010 coincided with his best career year, in which he rushed for 547 yards and five touchdowns on 97 carries, with an additional 379 receiving yards and one receiving touchdown on 34 receptions.

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Woodhead’s talent on both the gridiron and golf course is a testament to his versatility — an aspect that Patriots fans know quite well about the receiving back. It’s evident that despite his relatively short stint with New England, Woodhead’s legacy is here to stay with the fanbase.