Graypants Chrona ceiling light imitates the phosphorescent envelope found around stars » Gadget Flow

Light up your home or office space with the Graypants Chrona ceiling light. Boasting stunning pendants in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, this light adds a beautiful glow to any room. In fact, this ceiling light creates a luminous glow by combining spun brass and diffused acrylic. An excellent alternative to dim lamps, it frees up floor space while adding functional lighting. Moreover, the Graypants Chrona includes Dish pendants that cluster together to create stunning constellations. Alternatively, individually hang them to accentuate any space.  Overall, thin yet robust, these lights are sure to turn heads. Plus, these lights are available in a diameter ranging from 6″ to 17″. So you can choose a size that blends into your home.

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